Teenager, I was attracted by the stock market so I decided to work in the financial industry.
In 1987, after being graduate from a management school, I joined a stock broker to build a team to get ready for the Paris derivatives market introdcution. What a fantastic experience, two months before the Krach !
Since then, various crises have been enriching my psychological experience and technical skills. Working on options meant for me to be accurate to get the right trend and the right timing. So I have been working hard during years in order to find robust and profitable tools fitting to my personality in order to serve and advise in the most efficient way, asset managers, market makers and a few hedge-funds.
Today, I am still creating new indicators and models with specific goals even if I became comfortable with my technical outfit at the end of the 1990’s.
As I have been writing a daily commentary on the market since 2000, you will have the opportunity to appreciate « My track records » and how I have been able several month in advance to anticipate the market lows in 2003 and in 2009 and then to jump in the right bullish train…
Now, my goal is to share with you my own experience and to help you to avoid mistakes I have made myself and to feel comfortable in those very difficult and « rigged » markets.