Page 1 : Front page
page 2 : Sector Internal Scoring Profile
Page 3 : ABSOLUTE SCORING based on the OFFICIAL method compared to the EQUAL WEIGHTED one
page 5-6 : Ratio against Eurostoxx50 (18 charts)
page 7 : Automobiles & Parts
page 8 : Banks
page 9 : Basic Resources
page 10 : Chemicals
page 11 : Construction & Mat.
Page 12 : Financial Services
Page 13 : Food & Beverage
Page 14 : Healthcare
Page 15-16 : Industrial Goods & Services
Page 17 : Insurance
Page 18 : Media
Page 19 : OIl & Gas
Page 20 : Personal & Household Goods
Page 21 : Real Estate
Page 22 : Retail
Page 23 : Technology
Page 24 : Telecom
Page 25 : Travel & Leisures
Page 26 : Utilities
Page 27 : How to read the chart
Page 28 : Scoring methodology and Disclaimer


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